High School Programs

The high school programs for 12-14 years are currently being written and trialled with young peopleĀ and teaching staff in schools in NSW and the NT. The programs are being written to support and enhance State, Territory and National Curriculums. NAPCAN will provide fee for service training to schools and communities following the completion of these trials.

Our most established high school program is the Love Bites program.

  • Age 12 Yrs

    Young people will be able to:

    • Understand the transition to high school
    • Identify different types of relationships
    • Define respect and recognize when it is in relationships
    • Understand power and control and identify how power can be used and abused
    • Understand what bullying is
    • Define bullying behaviours and understand its impact on individuals and groups
    • Identify what a bystander is and what an active bystander is
    • Have developed skills in how to be an active bystander
    • Make choices for themselves when it comes to their relationships
  • Age 13 Yrs

    Young people will be able to:

    • Understand the difference between gender and sex
    • Identify the impact gender roles and stereotypes have on relationships
    • Define sexual harassment
    • Understand sexual harassment and its links to bullying
    • Understand and be aware of their schools sexual harassment policy
    • Define what homophobia is and its impact on young people
    • Develop strategies to challenge it in their school and community
    • Develop skills in being an active bystander
  • Age 14 Yrs

    Young people will be able to:

    • Understand gender roles and stereotypes and how they can impact on relationships
    • Define what the unwritten rules are
    • Identify the difference between love and control
    • Identify early warning signs
    • Define a respectful relationship and a controlling relationship
    • Develop skills and knowledge in hoe to manage difficulties in their relationships
    • Develop skills in how to end relationships in a safe and respectful way
  • Love Bites

    Respectful relationships program that looks at sex and consent, relationship violence and power and control in the context of young peoples’ relationships. Go to LOVE BITES.

  • Post Love Bites

    Extension sessions have been developed to provide an opportunity for young people who have completed Love Bites to explore some of the themes in more depth.