LOVE BiTES is an extremely successful school-based Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program that evolved on the Mid North Coast of NSW. LOVE BiTES is based on best practice standards for education programs as recommended by the Federal Government funded Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearing House and other leading academics in the area of violence against women.

Over 100,000 high school students throughout Australia have participated in this interactive and innovative program aimed at 14-16yr olds. Over 4000 workers and teachers have been trained in NSW.

LOVE BiTES promotes an integrated partnership approach to prevention and generates local ownership of the program. Local service providers facilitate the Love Bites program. Professionals such as sexual assault workers, domestic violence workers, youth workers and police can facilitate the program. The Love Bites manual and two day training provides everything you need to start up LOVE BiTES in your local schools. 

The LOVE BiTES program consists of two interactive education workshops on Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault followed by creative workshops that consolidate the information from the morning.

Male and female facilitators present the program as a team and LOVE BiTES consistently models respectful relationships between male and female students, teachers and workers. The artworks and other work created in the creative sessions are the basis for local campaigns to challenge Violence against Women in their community. This campaign is led by and delivered by young people.


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    The LOVE BITES domestic and family violence and sexual assault prevention program is for students in Year 9 and 10 of high school, aged between 15 and 17 years. LOVE BITES can also be delivered in out-of-school settings, such as alternative school programs, school support units, Juvenile Justice programs and youth holiday programs.


    LOVE BITES is one of the programs available as part of Growing Respect and was the original program developed. LOVE BITES has evolved and changed following feedback from young people, communities, schools and the introduction of Best Practice Standards. This feedback has also led to the development of Growing Respect, a whole of school approach to respectful relationships. Along with this has come Growing Respect. The Growing Respect team develops respectful relationships and violence prevention programming and professional training for schools, services and communities. Programming reaches across year groups, offering children and young people comprehensive localized respectful relationships education.


    • To provide a safe environment in which young people can talk about Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault.
    • To promote and model respectful relationships for young people.
    • To raise awareness about Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault – its prevalence and forms.
    • To bring about attitudinal change in relation to Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault.
    • To engage young people, male and female, on the issues of Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault in a non-sex-segregated environment with male and female facilitators.
    • To challenge gender stereotypes, attitudes, values and social institutions that perpetuate male violence against women.
    • To deconstruct the myths that exist in local communities and society generally on domestic and family violence and sexual assault.
    • To encourage and educate young people to support their friends.
    • To educate young people through a creative and relevant process that builds on their existing knowledge base.
    • To introduce young people to local service providers in an informal environment.
    • To develop youth-led community campaigns on the issues of Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault.

    We have produced the new manual for several reasons:

    • Feedback from young people who have done the program was that they would like the content to better reflect their own relationships.
    • Facilitators have asked for activities that explore some of the issues in a more comprehensive way.
    • Our research identified further areas of vulnerability for young people that needed addressing in the program. Extended activities have been developed taking this research into account.
    • We have provided optional activities so facilitators can deliver at a level that feels appropriate to them and the young people they are working with.
    • The language in some of the activities has been adapted to be more user friendly.
    • LOVE BITES is constantly being evaluated in light of best practice Standards and National Frameworks as well as finding alignment with State curriculum guidelines.

    • Many of the activities now have 2 or 3 options.
    • Some of the activities are the same, some have minor changes, some are combined and there are some completely new activities in the options.
    • There is now a guide to assist you to navigate through the new options in the Domestic Violence activities so there is consistency in the delivery of the activities.
    • The art option in the creative sessions now has a range of detailed options with guidelines for materials and delivery.

    • LOVE BITES is a program that promotes a clear, consistent community approach to the issues of Domestic and Family Violence and Sexual Assault from workers and teachers in local communities.
    • LOVE BITES is run by male and female facilitators working together.
    • Where appropriate, LOVE BITES sessions do not segregate male and female students. All sessions aim to be conducted with an equal number of male and female students.
    • LOVE BITES uses several presentation styles to actively involve young people, including youth-led small group activities; peer-to-peer learning, and art, music and drama workshops.
    • LOVE BITES creates local community campaigns developed and led by young people to prevent Violence against Women.
    • LOVE BITES generates local ownership of the program as communities adapt the model to fit with their communities. The program uses local scenarios and local service providers to discuss the issues from the local perspective.
    • LOVE BITES promotes an integrated partnership approach to prevention for services working in the areas of Domestic and Family Violence; Sexual Assault, Youth and Child Protection; bringing together the Police, Women’s Refuges, Sexual Assault Services, Child Protection Services, Youth Services, Family Support Services and Aboriginal Services.
    • LOVE BITES has the potential to improve working relationships between service providers through the co-facilitation of this positive prevention program.