Involvement with GROWING RESPECT is building across Australia, due to the dedicated passion and energy of communities for ensuring that young people get access to respectful relationships education. We are pleased to work with so many wonderful individuals, organisations and communities with whom we continue to develop the highest quality, most locally relevant and sustainable respectful relationships programs.

Partnerships with GROWING RESPECT are based on collaboration, mutual learning and respect.

• Will spend time building relationships
• Will be guided by local people about what is culturally safe practice
• Will share our experiences and knowledge openly
• Will work to enhance local strengths, values and knowledge
• Believe that all communities can build respectful and healthy relationships
• Believe that we must always be role models of respectful relationships
• Believe that children and young people’s voices need to guide our work

The following are some ideas about how you can get involved with the GROWING RESPECT Programs. Please contact us if you would like to follow-up on any of these ideas.

  • Growing Respect

    What can you do?

    • Give us feedback about the GROWING RESPECT approach, programs, manuals, evaluation or website
    • Tell us about any evaluation you are or have conducted of a GROWING RESPECT program
    • Sponsor a community to host training, resource development or other community-led, respectful relationships project
    • Ask us about bringing GROWING RESPECT to your community
    • Write about or do a school project on GROWING RESPECT
    • Share questions or topics you think we should be researching about respectful relationships. Click here.
    • Sign up for our e-newsletter
  • Love Bites

    What can you do?

    • Give us feedback about your experience of participating in the LOVE BiTES program to add to our Testimonials here.
    • Give us feedback about what works well or what you think the key is that keeps LOVE BiTES going strong in your community
    • Ask us about introducing LOVE BiTES in your community
    • Write about or do a school project on LOVE BiTES
    • Ask us about becoming a LOVE BiTES trainer
    • Let us know what you think about the new manual
    • Host an update training in your community
    • Write about LOVE BiTES (create a media release)
    • Send us your LOVE BiTES artwork or campaign to share here.
    • Sign up for our e-newsletter