The below links are in relation to formal evaluations of the ALL CHILDREN BEING SAFE and LOVE BiTES programs.

An Evaluation of the LOVE BiTES and Respectful Relationships programs in a Sydney School – University of Wollongong – Michael Flood and Vicki Kendrick (2012)
In 2010 Dr Michael Flood from the University of Wollongong developed an evaluation framework to be used in a trial of the LOVE BiTES program and Respectful relationships lesson plans for year 7 students in a Sydney High School.
There were many positive and encouraging findings as well as some findings that made us reflect on our curriculum and review LOVE BiTES and our training package again.
Since receiving the findings of this evaluation NAPCAN have:
• Facilitated focus groups with young people to get their feedback about improving the program. This has assisted with fine tuning LOVE BiTES specifically around supporting young men participating in the program;
• Rewritten and greatly enhanced the LOVE BiTES Program Manual addressing areas highlighted by the evaluation and focus groups;
• Updated our LOVE BiTES training package with a greater focus on “prevention facilitation” and adolescent development; and
• Made a further commitment to ongoing evaluation of LOVE BiTES.
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Love Bites Implementation Evaluation – John Frederick (2010)
The main purpose of this evaluation was to assess the “Love Bites Program”, financed by UBS Optimus Foundation. The evaluation aimed to critically review the project goals and achievements.
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Implementing the Love Bites Program Into Northern Tasmanian School Communities (2009)
An evaluation of the LOVE BiTES Train the Trainer workshops piloted in Northern Tasmania in August 2009. A collaborative project co-ordinated by Yemaya Womens Support Service, in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Services Family Violence Counselling and Support Service and the Department of Education.

TAFE NSW Evaluation (2007)
LOVE BiTES Evaluation Mid North Coast of NSW (2007) NSW TAFE. An evaluation of the LOVE BiTES program was undertaken in a partnership between the North Coast Area Health Service (NCAHS) and the Community Services Section at Port Macquarie Campus, North Coast Institute of TAFE. Funding was provided through the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Community and Cultural Development Division.
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Process and Outcomes Evaluation of ACBS in Tamworth by the Australian Institute of Family Studies for FaHCSIA (2011-12)
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Macquarie University Evaluation
Evaluation of the Implementation of the ACBS Program in Three Preschools in NSW – A/Prof Manjula Waniganayake and Ms Karen Roberts
This evaluation report is based on the NAPCAN sponsored adaptation of the “All Children Being Safe” (ACBS) program for early childhood, in Kempsey, a rural NSW community with a high proportion of Indigenous families.
Macquarie University was invited to evaluate the adaptation and implementation of the ACBS project in three selected preschools in Kempsey.
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